I'm an international consultant in creativity, education, unconscious bias, coaching, facilitation, strategic thinking, relationship building & professional & personal development.

Creativity // Education // Leadership
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I have a passion for people and this has led me to work with The George Soros Foundations/ The Open Society Foundations (OSF), KPMG, The Danish Institute for Human Rights, the Education Team at City Hall, the European Commission and the European Parliament; The London Mayor's Office and the NHS, the Metropolitan Police Service and MPs (Members of Parliament). As well as educational institutions all over the EU, in New York & Central Asia.

Mindset, perception and personal transformation
Creativity, Inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, wellbeing and entrpreneurship
International partnerships, education & learning, unconscious bias,inclusion and diversity
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Talmud Bah Perspectives 1 - Abandon Ego: The Frog Hawk

Abandon Ego: The Frog Hawk - is the first animated short based on the writings, perspectives and philosophies of international creative and behavioural consultant Talmud Bah; storyboarded, animated and scored by talented young animator Mali Summers, with sound mixing by TV and film composer Matthew Acheson.

Creativity & Culture Conference 2018: Talmud Bah

What is the relationship between diversity and creativity?

Talmud Bah talks about QIC: Quality Interactions and Creativity programme

Quality Interactions and Creativity (QIC) is a project which trains young people and young adults (18 -29) from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop and acquire unique skills of creative and solution focused thinking, arts, adaptability, responsiveness, teaching and facilitation; to run pilot sessions with vulnerable children and young people in Lewisham primary schools (years 4 - 6), in order to inspire, support and enable them, to realise their own capacity for greatness. By offering this provision at no cost to the schools, it guarantees access to those most in need, giving them positive role models and mentors, whilst creating paid work opportunities for young people and adults.

Creativity, Education, Leadership


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