Andrew has built a series of successful services for Australia's student community, including; (Australia's largest website for uni students), The Lost On Campus App (largest app built for uni students) and (3rd biggest property site in Australia). Andrew is now CEO of Student Super, a new superannuation fund built for young Australians.

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Andrew's latest challenge is to fix the "lost decade of superannuation" - from 15 to 25, with the launch of

Annually young Australians are charged ~$50m+ in superannuation fees and auto-enrolled life insurance premiums that erode their early super balances to zero. Student Super plans to change that.

If you have an audience of parents with teenagers, Andrew can deliver short, educational and entertaining talks on topics like;

- "The four things all teenagers should know about money"
- "Everything you need to know about your first job"
- "6 things uni students say they wish someone had told them at high school"
- "How smart parents (and grandparents) are using superannuation to secure their kids financial future"
- "Parents checklist: What goes wrong with teenagers and super and easy ways to avoid them."

Super is important... but a bit dull. Andrew makes it exciting and engaging.

The simple explained learnings in his sessions can have a significant effect on your kids financial future. Let's get them on to the right path early!

Banking, Marketing


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